International Journal of Image and Video Processing: Theory and Application

ISSN: 2336-0992

Published:  Bi-Monthly

IJIVPTA (International Journal of Image and Video Processing: Theory and Application) Journal is intended for Scientists, Researchers, Academicians and Engineers working on multidisciplinary field of image and video processing. The scope of the journal covers a broad spectrum of image and video processing.

The scopes include, but are not limited to:

  • Image  Synthesis;
  • Image  Analysis;
  • Image  Pattern Recognition;
  • Image  Feature Extraction;
  • Image  Fractal Analysis;
  • Image  Filtering and Enhancement;
  • Image  Based Modeling;
  • Image  Restoration;
  • Image  and Video Compression;
  • Image  and Video Segmentation;
  • Image  and Video Classification;
  • Image  and Video Coding and Transmission;
  • Image  and Video Processing and Analysis;
  • Image  and Video Retrieval and Authentication;
  • Image  and Video Watermarking Embedding and Detection;
  • Mathematical Approaches to Image Processing, Analysis, and Synthesis.
  • Multi-Modal and Multi-Sensor Models of Image Processing;
  • Structure Reconstruction, 3D Imaging and Image Synthesis;
  • Video Surveillance and Monitoring;
  • Video Analysis and Event Recognition;
  • Video Annotation and Editing;
  • Video Tracking;
  • Stereo Vision;
  • Motion Detection and Estimation;
  • Multi Camera Fusion;
  • Stereoscopic and 3-D Processing;
  • Wavelets and Multi-Resolution Processing;
  • Visualization and Graphical Data Presentation;
  • Visual Image Perception;
  • Infrared Detection and Image Processing;
  • Shape Representation and Extraction;
  • Virtual Reality and Pictorial Interaction;
  • Computer Aided Diagnosis in Medical Imaging;
  • Medical Image and Video Processing;
  • Markov Models for Image and Video Processing.

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ISSN: 2336-0992