For Reviewers

Reviewers committee

1. The Reviewers committee of the International Journal of Engineering and Mathematical Modelling are selected and invited by the editorial board.

2. If you are researcher or author and would like to become a member of reviewers’ committee, you should send us your CV by email or the link of your page home. You will receive an email informing whether or not you are qualified to be part of the IJEMM Reviewers Committee.

Instructions for Reviewers

1. As a reviewer, you will be notified by email of an invitation to review a manuscript.

2. Go to, log in with your username and password. Under User Home, click on "Reviewer Center" and after click on the title to view the details of the submission (Review page).

3. Inreview page, you will give your response about the invitation to review a manuscript.

4. If you are going to do the review, you can download the submission and start to evaluate its overall quality, novelty, and contribution.

5. When you are ready to submit your review, return to your "ReviewerCenter", click on the title of the submission. In review page, complete the online review form and submit your review. 

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