Towards a Personalized E-Government Platform

I. Zaoui


It cannot be denied that e-Government plays a crucial role in modernizing public sectors and developing social and economic life of citizens. To raise these challenges, our country has adopted since 2009 the e-Moroccan strategy that aims to facilitate the access and the use of administration services. One of the main issues of this strategy is to insure interoperability between all administrations and to provide services that are tailored to each citizen profile. To support the e-Morocco solution, we draw in this article a framework for the implementation of a personalized e-government. Our solution is based on three components: an interoperability platform called
WASSIT which is a mediation system that provides data integration and dynamic composition of e-services, a personalization platform called 2P-Med that customize services to each user profile, and finally a single sign portal that offers a transparent and secure access to all administration services. In addition to this framework, we underline a set of measures and best practices that should insure the success of our proposal in the Moroccan context.

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