Solution For Cloud Databases’ Privacy Issue

Artem Sumaneev, Kirill Shatilov


Cloud computing and, in particular, cloud databases are useful tools providing flexibility for enterprise’s IT infrastructure. But usage of such technology may lead to privacy issues because users have to entrust to cloud services. In this paper we propose a solution for secured cloud database without significant limitations. Our approach is based on usage of following functional elements: SQL-queries and response processors, cryptographic metadata storage and variety of encryption algorithms. Usage of different encryptions like order-preserving and homomorphic allows performing resource-intensive computations on cloud server on encrypted data. SQL-queries processor transforms user’s queries into a secured form, analyzing query and encrypting vulnerable data. Response processor decrypts a secured data in database’s response and converts it to a suitable for user form. Cryptographic metadata storage provides access to encryption keys. Architecture with detailed description of components and theirs interaction’s principles will be presented. Our approach has been validated by an implementation of a prototype and its integration with WordPress Content Management System.

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