International Journal of Computer Science: Theory and Application

ISSN: 2336-0984

Published: Bi-Monthly  

International Journal of Computer Science: Theory and Application (IJCSTA) is a bi-monthly, open access and peer-reviewed International Journal for academic researchers, industrial professionals, educators, developers and technical managers in the computer science field.

"Why Do You Want To Study Computer Science" Essay

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"Computer science is a very modern field of knowledge. Why do you need computer science? In today's world, we use the latest technology every day. I have a computer at home that is connected to the Internet. When I search for something on the Internet or write a message to a friend, I use the tools and methods of computer science.

Indeed, computers have become an integral part of our life, and every year more and more areas are embraced by informative technologies that facilitate our daily activities, which is the greatest merit of contemporary society at large.

For example, to write an essay on a given topic, a student does not have to run through libraries to collect the necessary material. It is enough to make a few clicks with the mouse, and the necessary material will appear on their monitor. But in order to feel free on the Internet, you need to understand at least in general terms how the computer works and the algorithms of the search engines. And simple, quick writing skills are also necessary for the rational use of time.

For instance, there are schools where computer science lessons teach blind typing. This allows you to generate texts without paying attention to the keyboard quickly, and the speed of typing leads to an overall saving of time spent on the task.

In addition, the subject of computer science essay at school prepares children for further professional activities in almost all areas, thereby helping them develop as experts in the desired field of study.

Around us is a sea of information, and computer science is just pointing at the right direction to manage this sea. Without the achievements of computer science, there would be no computers, no Internet, and no other new technologies that have already become familiar to us. There would not even be computers capable of performing complex calculations in a fraction of a second. And calculations are needed everywhere, including:

  • production;
  • banking;
  • transportation.

Life would be much more difficult if computer science did not develop to the level it is now.

There would be no search engines with which you can now find the information you need. Basically, you can’t find any information about any person, but most of the information useful in the study and everyday life can be found easily and applied accurately depending on one’s purpose. Twenty years ago, you would have had to go to the library and rummage there for half a day, but not now.

Studying at a university requires a student to have minimal knowledge in the field of computer science. Increasingly, teachers are demanding that computer science tests, term papers, and theses are submitted for review only in printed form. That is why a future student cannot do without studying text editors and some other useful programs. It should also be noted that the computer skills acquired during computer science lessons will be useful both in the study of humanitarian subjects and the exact sciences. Hence, computer science is a leader in the interconnections between these domains.

It is much easier for young people who have tried themselves in the field of computer science to choose their future profession. But the questions of why study computer science and how exactly to do it still becomes the subject of discussion. After all, not everyone will become programmers, system administrators,  and web designers. Probably the meaning of this is for everyone to understand what technology they deal with every day and how it works. It's not for nothing that our time is called the information age. As such, it’s our duty to make sure that we receive proper education on cybersecurity and are well aware of both useful and adverse impacts of modern technologies as applied to our life”.

The International Journal of Computer Science: Theory and Application invites original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews, and high quality technical notes, on both applied and theoretical aspects of computer science. The submitted papers must be unpublished and not under review in any other journal or conference. 

Areas of interest include, but not limited to: 

  • Information Theory;
  • Computational Complexity;
  • General Literature; 
  • Formal Languages 
  • Automata Theory;
  • Multiagent Systems; 
  • Information Retrieval;
  • Symbolic Computation; 
  • Programming Languages;
  • Databases; 
  • Numerical Analysis; 
  • Learning;
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition;
  • Neural and Evolutionary Computing;
  • Social and Information Networks;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Sound;
  • Operating Systems;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Cryptography and Security;
  • Human-Computer Interaction;
  • Hardware Architecture;
  • Emerging Technologies;
  • Computational Engineering, Finance, and Science;
  • Digital Libraries;
  • Systems and Control;
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing;
  • Performance;
  • Computer Science and Game Theory;
  • Mathematical Software;
  • Computational Geometry;
  • Networking and Internet Architecture;
  • Logic in Computer Science;
  • Robotics;
  • Data Structures and Algorithms;
  • Multimedia;
  • Computation and Language;
  • Graphics;
  • Computers and Society;
  • Business intelligence;

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ISSN: 2336-0984